Load Lugger is a closely knit group of specialists that design, test, manufacture and market load management bags. We build solutions for the automotive, marine, snowboarding, skiing, motorcycle, construction, on road and off road enthusiasts and other industries. We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), supplier’s distribution networks and consumers. We enjoy racing motorcycles, skiing, snowboarding, boating, music, our friends and hanging out with our families.

Where is Load Lugger made?

All of Load Lugger products are designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.

How long has Load Lugger been in business?

Load Lugger as a company was formed in 2014. The company’s first sale to the Military came in 2014 when it introduced its 100% waterproof bag to support an amphibious vehicle used by the United States Marines.  Since 2014, Load Lugger has developed in our Innovation Lab products to serve Pickup Truck owners, open and closed trailer users, dirt bike and road bike riders, snow enthusiasts and marine customers  who want their bikes, snowboards, jet skis, luggage, hunting gear, camping gear, yard products, etc. to be protected while being transported and stored.  Our unique design and manufacturing capabilities allows Load Lugger to introduce products that protect the load being transported, without fail and is easy to use.

What products and solutions does Load Lugger offer?

Load Lugger manufactures and markets different products that go in or on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, trailers, haulers, etc.   These products are used to allow the user to focus on the road and not the load.  Salt air that pits component parts, road grime that gets your contents dirty, rain, snow, silt, ice, wet leaves will no longer pose a problem to your contents.  A unique offering by Load Lugger allows for Load Lugger bags and products to fit any application.    Load Lugger also has products for marine, snowboarding, vehicle and motorcycle storage applications.  Every day we are looking at new and better ways to bring innovation to our family of customers.  See the Load Lugger product list for an extensive list of products and materials available to solve your load management challenges.

What is a Load Lugger Bed Bag?

A Load Lugger Bed Bag is a radio frequency welded 18.5 oz. PVC material that is the same size as your pickup truck bed that clips in and out of the OEM anchor points in your truck bed.  No rail system, hardware, Velcro, bolts, or clamps are needed to clip the Bed Bag into your truck bed.  When not in use the Bed Bag folds up into a handsome carry bag and stores neatly, out of the way, under your rear seat until the next time you need it.

How much does a Load Lugger Bed Bag cost?

The price ranges from $379 to $449.  It all depends on what you want to add to your Bed Bag!

How soon can I get a Bed Bag?

Once you order, your bag will be shipped within 72 to 120 hours, depending on your order and desired extras.  Order on Monday, and hit the road with your gear secure on Friday!

If there was one word to describe Load Lugger, what would that word be?

“Innovation.” Load Lugger as a corporation is the most innovative company in the world. In a short period of time Load Lugger has discovered the need(s), developed and tested prototypes, made adjustments, tested, discovered new ways to secure the loads, tested and tested some more. We have ripped, stomped, dragged, hung, flooded, shot, burnt, crashed, torn, destroyed, and tested our products in the bitter cold, scorching heat, driving rain, mud, blinding snow, woods, urban environments all to make our customers the best product the arts and sciences can deliver. Innovation comes from years of doing things the hard way and now we can all enjoy the easy way. These innovations are available to all Load Lugger customers, enabling them a unique solution to load management challenges. Load Lugger seeks to help its customers by listening to the tough challenges they faced every day and find solutions through common connections of related experiences. Thus, we seek to load the power of Load Lugger innovation into every product we put our name on!

What is the Bed Bag made of?

Bed Bag is made of 18.5 oz. PVC. It’s the same material Tractor Trailers use for soft sided trailers and protective tarps.

Is the Bed Bag strong?

All Load Lugger products are very strong and durable!  The Bag is designed to withstand temperatures of -40 degrees and heat of 140 degrees.  Each corner of the bag that connects to your vehicle has 900 lbs. holding strength.  Load Lugger also offers a skid plate to protect the inside and the outside of your Bed bag.  We have designed and tested; with great success a 1/8” thick corrugated all plastic skid plate.  The skid plate will reduce the chance to puncture or tearing if a sharp object is in the bag.  The outer skid plate has been designed and tested to reduce wear due to setting on a Rhino type liner.  This is a great option to know about if the Bed Bag or Trailer Bag or special applications bag needs to be protected from known sharp objects.

What if I tear my Load Lugger product?

If a tear occurs don’t worry, we have a patch kit.  You simply apply the adhesive and place your color match patch on the affected area.  When the patch is applied from the inside the damaged area is virtually undetectable and will provide the same water tight advantage just like before the tear happened.

I have a Tonneau Cover, why would I need a Bed Bag?

Tonneau covers are a good choice if it fits your hauling lifestyle.  All Tonneau covers require some sort of anchor rail or Velcro attachment system, Load Lugger Bed Bags do not, and when hauling large loads Tonneau covers can get in the way due to the space they take up when folded.  Some of our customers have Tonneau covers and use a Bed Bag due to the Tonneau Cover leaking.

Does the Bed Bag provide security for my gear?

Load Lugger provides protection to your gear by completely covering all your gear and removing line of sight visuals to those who might want to take your stuff while you’re grabbing a burger.    The zipper pulls can be locked.

What sizes do the Bed Bags come in?

Load Lugger can make a Bed Bag for any size pickup, trailer or any special needs application you have.  If you have a pickup, trailer or have a special needs application we have a bag for you!

I use a tarp to cover the contents that are in the back of my pickup. How is a Load Lugger Bed Bag different?

A tarp can damage your contents thru whipping, due to the wind, and not providing full coverage of your contents. Thus, leaving them exposed to the elements and road grime.  How many bungees or ratchets does it take to hold that non-working tarp in place?   Load Lugger Bed bags also eliminates the need for bungee cords and ratchet straps while providing full coverage and protection to your contents.  How many times do you check your rearview mirror to see what you started with is still there?  Relax and enjoy your drive, it’s all there, right where you packed it!

How long does it take to install and remove the Load Lugger Bed bag?

Pull the Bed Bag out of the carrying case, unfold, and clip the provided snap link to all four corners and start loading.  Installation takes about 1 minute from start to finish and when done, removal takes about 2 minutes to folding and placing it back in the carrying case.

Can I put my company logo or team logo on the bag?

There is no limit to how you can customize your Load Lugger Product.  Logo’s, photos, team mascot, numbers, names etc., it’s your Load Lugger product so why not customize it!

I have an idea for a Load Lugger product, how can I share my ideas?

We want your feedback and your ideas!  Any idea you have will be submitted thru the website, the Load Lugger Innovation team will look at the idea and access if it is a good fit that other customers would buy and use. When your idea is selected, Load Lugger will develop, tested, and get your idea to market.  You will help select the product name and YOU will receive 10% of all sales from the product, for as long as we manufacture and sell the product.  Get your thinking cap on and get ready to make some dough!  Yes, we will sign agreements and do all they legal lawyer stuff.

How can I best get in touch with Load Lugger?

Load Lugger has its corporate offices located in Fenton, Michigan to serve our US-based customers. Call 888-61-THELOAD (888-618-4356) or send us an e-mail at info@theloadlugger.com or contact us thru our website at www.theloadlugger.com.