Load Lugger LLC. provides economically priced, great looking products, that are exceptional in performance, easy to use, and highest quality. Keeping your cargo secure and protected is not an option, it is a necessity. Load Lugger LLC. developed a complete line of travel and storage solutions designed by users of pickup trucks, trailers, motorcycles, all weather sports equipment, snowmobiles, and military equipment to meet their demanding expectations.

Our innovative and well-tested Load Lugger Bags® are designed to protect against all weather and road conditions with ease, along with meeting every vehicles OEM dimensions. The complete line was developed with the idea of Clip, Load, Zip, and Go.

Individuals, companies, sports teams, and even the military can personally customize each bag with color and logos in addition to adding smart accessories such as integrated solar panels, emergency signs, custom dividers, interior and exterior protective skid plates, and much more are also additional options. Our product line includes bed bags, trailer bags, bike (motorcycle) bags, snow bags, trunk bags, and others that are tough enough for on or off road under any conditions, just, Clip, Load, Zip, and Go.

Our Vision.

The Load Lugger team’s vision is clear. We oversee product development, manufacturing and operations, product quality control, and customer service, to ultimately achieve complete customer satisfaction. Why we are producing our products, and how we are producing our products, will transfer to customers so that our vision becomes their vision.

In the Details.

The single most important part of our process is the Radio Frequency (RF) welding technology we have developed that makes the Load Lugger seams and zippers strong and watertight. Load Lugger Bed Bags are made of 18oz. matt embossed RF welded seams that can withstand -40º to 140º temperatures. We chose this material because it is hydrostatic, UV, mildew, puncture/tear, and abrasion resistant, as well as excellent cleanability.

How It All Started.

The birth of Load Lugger and “Bed Bag” was created out of necessity and quickly many other applications for other bags were realized. While packing my pickup truck for a family ski weekend, in very icy and snowy conditions, I had to put all of the suitcases and ski gear in trash bags to protect our belongings from the blistery winter weather. The last thing anyone wants are wet clothes at the start of a long weekend. I didn’t have time to go to a store to look for a stronger, bigger bag. When I returned from the weekend after putting the suitcases and gear back into the used and damaged garbage bags from the trip to the ski slope, I searched for the product I wanted and found nothing would provide the protection and ease that I was looking for.